The Company

Hi-VAWT Technology Corp. was initially founded in 2005 with the name of

Hi-Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and assisted under the SBIR (Small Business

Innovative Research) promoting program which provided by the Department

of Industrial Technology (DoIT) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA)

in researching and developing  alternative and renewable energy solutions thru

the natural resource of wind.

Hi-VAWT's official head office, R&D Center as well as the first production line

were established at Linkou Township, Taipei County in 2007 and first DS-300W

mass product line was located at Kunshan, Province of Jiangsu, China in the

following year.

In 2009, the name of Hi-Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was officially renamed and

registered as Hi-VAWT Technology Corp. for global sales and have been

marketed as Hi-VAWT ever since the year of 2009.

What Drives Us

Living with nature", motto of the company, Hi-VAWT has been encouraged and

dedicated all efforts to develop solutions and products with cost effectiveness,

power efficiency, and less noise pollution minded. It is nothing but energizing

our future with sustainable energy resource in a natural way!

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