About Vertical Axis Small Wind Turbines

A wind turbine is using aerodynamic effect to rotate blades and transform wind

into mechanical energy, the mechanical energy then transformed into electric

power through generator. The modernized wind turbine can achieve power

conversion efficiency between 20-40%.

Unlike those large commercial wind turbines, small wind turbines have been

widely used to provide distributed power for a variety of applications around the

world, such as on- or off-grid residences, telecommunication systems, street

lighting systems, remote monitoring systems and other purposes that require

energy where there is no electric grid, or where the grid is unstable.

Application for Hybrid Off-Grid System:

Application for Hybrid Grid-Tied System:

Application for Self-Sufficient System

Distributed Energy Concept

Monitoring System powered by DS-300 installed at Terra Nova Bay, South Pole.

DS-300 on the fishing boat as battery charging power resource

DS-1500 with solar panel work as power resource of telecommunication tower

DS-1500 with solar panel for residence in Australia

DS-3000 installed at a farm in USA

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