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General Information
P/N: DS15-G000-00-3 Rated Power: 1.5 KW
Rated Wind Speed: 12 m/s Rated Speed: 250 rpm
Cut-In Wind Speed: <3 m Cut-Out Wind Speed: 15 m/s
Survival Wind Speed: 60 m/s(3 seconde gust)    
Rotor Diameter: 2.8m Rotor Height: 2.99m
Mast Height(Not Included): 4m Total Height: 6.99m
Total Weight: 380 Kgs (Mast not included)  
Rotor Specification
External Darrieus: 3 Blades
Internal Savonius: 2 Layers
Material of Blades: Anodized Aluminum
Material of Axis: Galvanized Steel SS400
Generator Specification
Generator Type: AC, 3 Phase, Synchronism PMG
Rated Output: 1.5KW
Braking System
Automatic Braking: Automatic Dump-load and 3-phase short circuit braking system
Manual Braking: mechanical manual brake/3-phase short-circuit manual brake switch
Operation Environment
Generator Temperature: -20~40°C
Controller Temperature: -10~40°C
Ambient Humidity: 95% max.
Special Notes
  • Information and specification are subject to change without notice!
  • The information provided is based on the use of our standard 4m mast, please consult your local certified engineer if you are going to install with the mast higher than 4m.
  • Please follow your local regulations to install the DS-1500W at proper location. Always consult your local certified civil engineer or structural engineer if you are planning to install the DS-1500W on top of the roof.
WT21500 Grid Tied Wind Controller
Model: WT21500 P/N:
Output Power: 1500W Max. Power: 1600W
Generator Required: 3-Phase AC PM Generator Nominal AC Voltage: 200Vac rms
Working Range: 48Vac±5%~230Vac±5% MPPT Range: 48~210Vac
Initial Feeding Voltage: 48Vac Max. Input Current: 15A
System Cut-out Voltage: 240V Operational Voltage: 192~254VAC
Max. Output Current: 9A
Operational Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power Factor: >0.99 @ Full-load
Current Distortion: <5%
Max. Efficiency: >90%
Anti-islanding: Yes
Protection Degree: IP45
Operation Temperature: -20~40°C
Humidity: 0~95% Non-Condensing
Heat Dissipation: Convection
Acoustic Noise Level: <40dB, A-weighted
Communication and Features: RS232 Standard, SNMP Optional (SNMP not available yet)
Dimension(in mm): 480W x 370L x 185L
Weight: 20 Kgs
Certificate: VDE0126/CE
Special Notes
  • Information and specification are subject to change without notice!
2KW Grid Tied Wind Controller
Rated Output: 2KW
Max. DC input voltage: 500V DC
MPPT operation range 30~400 V DC
Max. DC input current: 10A DC
Grid voltage range: 180~270 V AC(adjustable)
Grid frequency 50/60 HZ
Operational phase single phase
Output power factor > 0.99
Efficiency > 0.97%
Display mode LCD display
Protection Features 1. DC reverse-polarity protection
  2. AC short circuit protection
  3. islanding protection
  4. temperature protection
Power consumption < 6W(standby mode)
Ingress protection IP65
Operational Temperature -10~40℃
Communication RS-485 data port
Dimensions(WxHxD in mm) 339x565x164
Weight 11 Kgs
Regulatory conformity EN62109-1
Special Notes
  • Information and specification are subject to change without notice!
1.5KW Off Grid Wind Charger
Model WG481500
Rated Output 1500W
Input 3 phase AC
Voltage and Current range special design to meet DS-1500 Wind Generator operation range
Power Control with MPPT feature

charge to 48Vdc Battery Bank with minimum 200Ah capacity Max.

charging current 20A

Protection features 1. Wind turbine over speed protection
  2. Input over voltage protection
  3. Battery over charge protection
  4. Battery low voltage protection
  5. Over Temperature protection
Power consumption 1W(standby mode)
Display mode LCD display
Communication RS-232 data port
Operation Temperature -10~+40℃
Dimensions(LxWxH in mm) 200x142x50
Weight 12Kgs
Special Notes
  • Information and specification are subject to change without notice!
DS-1500 Power Curve and Dimension Figures

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